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Mile High Princess Needlepoint

Colorful, bright, whimsical, fun, fresh, and out of the ordinary.  Did we mention fun?  Yes!  It should always be FUN!  If not, then why are you doing it?  Mile High Needlepoint canvases were born from the need for fun & color.  So, where ever you are in your stitching journey, make sure to make room for some fun.


Brenda Palmer

Founder, Lead Designer

After completing a degree in Chemistry in Nova Scotia the next obvious step for Brenda was to open a needlepoint shop and become a designer. And while it didn’t happen quite like that, she is right where she is supposed to be. Brenda loves painting, design, and color —lots of color! Throw in a few stripes and a couple helpings of polka dots and all is right in the world.

Brenda has roots in New Brunswick, Canada and now splits her time between there and gulf coast Florida. She and her husband are living the retired dream of boating, traveling, and adoring their grand daughter — with plenty of painting and crafting in the mix.

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Carrie Palmer

Business Manager, designer

Business and art, art and business, you can not sustain one without the other - or better yet, why would you? Carrie has dabbled in textile arts from an early age. First cross-stitching and crochet, then onto quilts, sewing garments, rug-hooking, embroidery & needlepoint. In essence, you have: fiber - design - color. Everything else comes down to need or desire. Couple this love of all things fibre with a natural inclination for business and entrepreneurship and voilà, you arrive at Mile High Princess Needlepoint.

Carrie hails from eastern Canada and has lived in New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Texas, California, Washington, Utah; as well as some time in London, England. Her first career was in the culinary arts, but now she enjoys cooking for her family. Carrie lives in mid-coast Maine with her husband and six year old daughter.

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